Career Information Systems

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At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, members of the CareerLocker team have been developing world-class career information systems since 1975.

All our efforts are research and theory based, and all the products and services we develop are based in sound career development theory and research.

CareerLocker is a website that helps foster career decision-making and economic development by providing users with:
  • Links to current job openings
  • Job-seeking tools including resume, cover letter, and ePortfolio programs
  • Assessment tools to help identify the best career match
  • Contact information for over 90,000 Wisconsin employers

Who CareerLocker Serves

CareerLocker currently serves K-12 students and school counselors, UW students and staff, and youth and adults who are seeking employment.

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CareerLocker's information on occupations includes: Education Path, Regional and National Outlook, Regional and National Salary, Employers, Job Openings, and Resources for more than over 700 occupations.